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The intention of Avraveda is to empower and awaken the alchemist within each and every one of us. We are all our own healers and we believe that waking up to this fact is of utmost importance to thrive.

Through Ayurveda, plant wisdom, energy medicine, and community connection - we work to release and free each other to our highest potential.

Through our shared offerings - apothecary remedies, workshops, retreats and personal consultations - we work to heal old wounds, and encourage the most potent, and true, expression of self possible.

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Based in Southcoast Massachusetts, Avraveda Apothecary combines locally sourced, organic herbs with New England sourced organic full-spectrum hemp oil and cannabidiol (CBD) into holistic, small-batch crafted (and scrumptious) self-care remedies.

Through Ayurveda, modern day cannabis research, plant wisdom, and energy medicine - we craft organic, from-the-source, apothecary potions to support every human's unique healing journey.

With a focus on seasonal medicine, each hand-crafted batch is a potent ode to Mother Earth, utilizing the medicine she has to share in abundance.


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Sophia is a self-proclaimed student of the cosmos. She is a NAMA-certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Reiki Practitioner, and Energy Medicine worker with an educational background in Health Psychology. 

Sophia works to help others navigate the best way to take care of their vessels with the philosophy that every individual is unique and requires different needs on their path to healing.

She has led numerous workshops on Ayurvedic medicine, self-care practices, Ayurvedic cooking and cannabis medicine. She has also taught at retreats and community events.

Sophia strives to bring together ancient philosophy with the modern day world in a way that is insightful. She is constantly seeking different perspectives to evolve her understanding of how to heal the body and function to the highest potential, and actively integrates her studies into her healing offerings.

Sophia is based in Southcoast Massachusetts.

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